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Five-Day Pitching Recovery Arm Care Program

The Program’s Purpose

This program will help our pitching staff—especially our starters who are throwing 85-90 pitches over a weekend—to care for their arms during the week days between starts.  It is highly recommended that our bullpen pitchers follow this regimen as well since their accumulated pitch counts are similar due to their multiple appearances over a weekend. 

Five-Day Recovery Plan

Starters and relievers are reminded to follow this program to help their arms recover from CPBL weekend workloads as well as midweek games where applicable

  • Day 1: Run 30 minutes plus cords.  Light toss is optional. Work on mechanics.
  • Day 2:  Run 30 minutes plus long toss. Work on cords.
  • Day 3:  Run 20 minutes; 2 sets of pitches (Normal bullpen sequence of 4-seam fastballs, 2-seam fastballs, and changeups,) from flat ground. Work on cords and mechanics.
  • Day 4:  Get loose by long toss up to 120 feet. Two sets of changeups and fastballs split evenly off mound.
  • Day 5: Optional light toss. Run 20 minutes. Do not take days off this program.

Arm care is a focus of Team Ontario. We have stressed it all winter and spring during our strength and conditioning program. Please email your pitching coach ( if you have any further questions about caring for your arm.