Important Schedule Notes

July 10 and onwards: Please rely on your coaches or tournament websites to inform you of game and practice times and locations. There are a lot of moving targets involved, and the calendar may or may not be accurate.

May 16, 2019 and onwards: The Team Ontario Astros Schedule section has been updated to include all currently available practice and game information. As soon as updates and changes are available, they will be posted to the calendar.


  • Placeholder times (12:00 a.m.) will be updated as the times become available.
  • Locations that are currently marked TBD will be updated as they become available.
  • Game times that need to be changed later because of external reasons will be updated.

Your coaches may also notify you of updates using whatever communication method they have implemented for your team.

Start times on this calendar are Game Start Times. Your coaches will inform you when arrival time is. Each coach has his own rules and they may also vary throughout the season, depending on situational factors.


You can SUBSCRIBE to the entire online calendar feed or to the schedule for your son’s team (see links in the Navigation Bar under Teams). There is a link on those calendar pages to do so. That way you’ll receive updates as they are entered into the system. (Apologies for any duplicates you might receive because of edits and such.)

For parents who subscribed to the calendar last year, please unsubscribe from that feed if your son has moved up an age level. Otherwise, you will get the wrong feed. For example, if your son was in 14U last year, unsubscribe from the 14U feed and subscribe to the 15U feed.

For those who like to use an electronic calendar (Google, iCalendar, Outlook and the like), you can EXPORT the entire online calendar or your son’s schedule to an ICS file that you should then be able to import to your preferred calendar app. Here are the instructions for importing our calendar or team schedule to Google Calendar.

—Christine Brüggemann, Team Ontario Astros Administrative Assistant for Online Presence Management & Communication

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